Lotus 61 Killarney Feb 2014

The year has started out incredibly busy and I have not had much time to do a new post for my blog so thought it about time seeing as last weekend was the historic Race Meeting at Killarney.
The whole day provided some great racing and there were some truly spectacular vehicles there.
Some of my favorite vehicles are the old race bikes and there was a superb collection there of old Isle of Man bikes from the Paddy Driver AJS to a 250 4 cylinder Honda from about 1968. Among the others were a Lola T70, Chevron B19, Ford Galaxy and more.
As usual my favorite form of racing is the single seaters and there were 2 categories on the day. The first was called Wings and Slicks and was aimed at attracting the Formula Atlantic cars. Unfortunately to make up the numbers it was necessary to invite the Western Province Formula Libre cars to race with them. It did make for good racing and well done to Reg Anderson for winning one heat in his Swift Formula GT1 car.
The second was for Historic F1 cars as well as Historic Formula Fords. In fact it was probably for almost any Historic Single Seater of any description. The racing again was superb with tight groups of cars providing several good races in the field.
The best car of the day to me was a Lotus 61. The car as regular readers will know was the first race car I owned. I had the pleasure of meeting an old friend of mine, Alan Grant, who bought the car and then rebuilt it. I do not know how long it took him but the end result is a truly beautifully rebuilt car as close to the original specifications as possible. Some things that were done in the Sixties are no longer allowed on safety grounds but these necessary changes did not detract from the car at all.
The car is painted orange which is the colour my first car was so it really appealed to me. The question of course asked of me was if it was my old car or not. I can adamantly state that it was not. I know this because I put my car through the catch fences at Sunset bend at Kyalami and damaged the frame on the LH side in the cockpit area and this car showed no sign of any repairs having been done.
I have been asked to go and look at a car John Amm has bought to see if that is my old chassis. I will do that in the next few weeks.
The first race for Formula Libre is at the beginning of March so I have collected the Ray 89F from Killarney and am now deciding what work I need to do on it. That will be my race car project for the next few weeks.

Until next time
Dave Sinclair


About Dave

I am a motorsport fan through and through. This Blog is all about my experiences and history in Motorsport - Personal and Technical. I hope I can pass 50 years of following, supporting, participating and officiating experience on to those who it may one day help.
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One Response to Lotus 61 Killarney Feb 2014

  1. James Thomson says:

    Hi Dave, I stumbled across your blogs and I think they are wonderful. I grew up in Pta watching regular racing at Kyalami and Zwtkops in the late 80’s 90s. so I missed out on halycon days of Formula Atlantic and Group One (but lived up the road from Dawie ‘Alfa’ De villiers Glenwood Motors so have very fond memories of that and the Glenwood Motors Alfa’s.
    My question is about Formula Atlantic. Why did it end in SA in 1986? and was it simply the costs involved or was there something else more political? And what happend to all those Ralts, Marchs, Maurers etc? They seemed to have disappeared or sold on overseas and dont seem to appear in FormulaLibre? grateful for your insight. Kind regards James

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