Formula Libre Killarney Nov 2013

I was going to write more about my life this week but decided instead to write about the Formula Libre race at Killarney instead. Probably more interesting anyway.
I was fortunate enough to again have the use of Reg Anderson’s Ray 89F. Since I last raced it the car has stood at Killarney and had no work done on it at all so I went to fetch it about a week before the race to give it a bit of a check over and to do some repairs and maintenance.
One of the weakest points on these cars is the top front wishbone outer rod end. When we raced in Nationals with these cars we replaced the rod end regularly and I had no idea of how long the ones in the car had been used for so I imported some new ones and this was my top priority to get done before I raced the car again.
The list of repairs I did was as follows:
New top rod ends left and right
Modify the steering rack to give more steering lock
Remove the diffuser fitted under the gearbox and correct the installation of the rear pull rods so that the rear springs had some clearance to the CV joints
Replace the broken LH CV joint boot
Set the wheel alignment
Try to improve the seating position.
We had been very busy at work and I was trying to get all this done between customer jobs which had to be given priority but eventually by Friday morning the day before the race all was done. Hennie Trollip was kind enough to assist by using his bakkie and trailer and we took the car back to the circuit on Friday afternoon and left it there ready for qualifying on Saturday morning.
Saturday morning Tandy and I left Gordons Bay early and got to Killarney about an hour before Qualifying. The car ran fine and seemed to handle a bit better but the seating position was still very uncomfortable. I had managed to get the back support correct but had not had time to do anything about the leg support at all so was sliding forward in the cockpit and my legs were banging from side to side against the chassis tubes. It was good enough for the day and I decided to just put up with it.
Formula Libre had a reasonable field for the end of year race and put on a pretty good show. Well done Reg and Sean for winning heats one and two respectively and well done to all those who entered and took part. Let’s hope for more support next year. I was pleasantly surprised to find I won 2 trophies on the day as it was not expected.
The poor seat support resulted in me having very bruised knees on Sunday morning and so it took a couple of days to get over that but all is well again. The hammering taken in the car seems much worse than it seemed 20 years ago – Cannot think why !!
Reg has promised me the car for next year so I need to get the engine rebuilt as it is a bit of a donkey and find a proper seat to put in so that I can drive properly. Hopefully I will have time before the next race to get this done.

Until next time
Dave Sinclair


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